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At Eclectic Education, we've found that learning through immersive experiences provides an opportunity to visualize and conceptualize a future of success.  We provide opportunities for development of a growth mindset through accessible resources, open dialogue and programs developed to eradicate generational cycles of poverty and increase workforce pipelines.  We embrace diversity at the center of our organization.

Through our dedication to community partnerships and our passion for making a difference in the lives of whole family, we remain committed to achieving our vision of closing socio-economic gaps.  Our programs provide immersive experiences allowing participants to have an in depth hands-on

experience to equip the whole family with knowledge for success in 

 careers, finances, and entrepreneurship infused with character education.

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We believe immersive opportunities, realizing financial capabilities and career alignment are the gateways to success.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To inspire the whole family by providing immersive educational experiences to break generational cycles and social-economic barriers creating a space for growth and unlimited ambition.


Our Vision

At Eclectic Education, we seek to eradicate generational cycles and socio-economic barriers through providing accessible resources to the whole family. 

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